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BMDU is a PR Agency that works on promoting your brand and building your image in the market. Being a PR consultancy also expert in social media management our work is to give our clients the right communications advice on every matter to help their business grow.

  • Customer analysis

    We offer public relations marketing and tend to work on managing the PR of the brand as an extension of marketing and analysing the right audience to target.

  • Real-Time Metrics

    Our PR team experts assure to manage your brand’s reputation – through a mix of communications tools and bring better results.

PR Team

Powerful Solutions for Your Business

Our skilled team works on bringing the most powerful and unique solutions for your business.

  • PR Team
  • PR Team
  • PR Team
PR agency in Delhi
PR agency in Delhi

Advanced analytics easy to understand for sales

We do the intelligent examination of data and content using the right techniques and tools to discover better and deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.

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    We are just a chat away from helping you.

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    Quick online support to guide you.

Public Relations Marketing

Our Customers Get Results

Results matter to you and so do they for us. We assure our clients to get results beyond their expectations.


We love to explore technology and different mediums that help customers to connect easily.We have given 10% better results than clients expectations.


Our developers make sure and put their best foot forward and have handled up to 5k successful projects.


The company has a sound understanding of its work. BMDU has so far provided 95% of the fortunate rate in this field.